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Your career start as
Trainee in the IT area

AZAV certified training provider –
We turn talents into experts

What does SPECTRUM AG do?

With our trainee program, we close the skills gap in the labor market and create a win-win situation for companies and young professionals.
We close the gap between what is taught at universities and what is required in professional practice. At the same time, we make career starters and experienced experts fit for the challenges of today’s working world.
In short: We turn talents into experts and find the right company for them!

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Fraenk das Berufseinstieg Chamäleon steht aufrecht und hält Zeigestock hoch

What is a trainee program?

A trainee program is a practical training program in which career starters are taught the most important skills for starting their careers in 6 to 24 months.
Trainees benefit from thorough induction and personal support.
Since a trainee program is not a protected term, there are various versions on the job market.
Information about the SPECTRUM Trainee Program.


Frequently asked questions about our trainee program

What if I need a visa?2022-12-21T16:27:02+01:00

This is not uncommon for our trainees and is not a problem at all. We will support you with the application process and show you what to look out for.

Do I go through different departments during the program?2022-12-21T16:26:07+01:00

No, unlike many classic trainee programs, you don’t go through different departments with us. The goal of the SPECTRUM trainee program is to develop you into an expert for a specific job.

What does Cultural Fit mean?2022-12-21T16:23:16+01:00

Loosely translated, cultural fit means “cultural like-mindedness”. During the application process, we use a wide range of criteria to check whether you and the company you want to work for are a good match. In this way, we achieve greater satisfaction on both sides, you have more fun at work and an employer with whom you feel comfortable in the long term.

Will the trainee program cost me anything?2022-12-21T16:20:42+01:00

No, on the contrary: As a trainee, you receive a salary from day one.

How long does the SPECTRUM trainee program last?2022-12-21T16:19:52+01:00

Depending on your job role, the trainee program lasts 12 or 18 months.

What training do I get?2022-12-23T11:49:13+01:00

Soft skills (e.g. communication, appearance and impact, team and conflict)

Methodological skills (e.g. requirements analysis, consulting methods, ITIL, PM, moderation, Scrum, Design Thinking)

Industry and company skills (e.g. for insurance companies, banks)

Technical skills – depending on your job role (e.g. technology, tools)

In addition, you will be accompanied by a SPECTRUM mentor during the trainee program. This way, questions, concerns and challenges that arise independently of the training sessions can be solved quickly and easily.

Where does the trainee program take place?2022-12-21T16:04:04+01:00

That depends on which job at which company you choose and what the respective home office regulations look like. Current locations of our customers are Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt a.M., Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Hamburg and Hanover.
You will come to SPECTRUM exclusively for the training courses included in the trainee program (Stuttgart or remote).

Is the employment contract limited in time?2022-12-21T15:44:26+01:00

No, you will receive a permanent employment contract from SPECTRUM. If you are not taken on by the customer at the end of the trainee program, you will still have a secure job with us. However, trainees who are not taken on are very rare, as our takeover rate is 99%.

Which company do I work for?2022-12-21T15:37:40+01:00

In the application process you will find out in which company your trainee program will take place. Our customers include well-known insurance companies, banks, automotive manufacturers, IT consultancies and service providers, telecommunications companies, and many more.

What jobs are offered?2022-12-21T15:36:31+01:00

Our job opportunities vary based on customer needs. Here are a few examples:

IT area

  • Consulting in the area of SAP business applications
  • Consulting in the area of Cloud Technologies (AWS, MS Azure, Google)
  • Data Science / Analytics / Engineering
  • Software development (Java, .Net, Apps, Mainframes)
  • IT Modernization / Automation / Service Management

Business / Consulting

  • Business Consulting (e.g. processes, product management, finance/controlling)
  • Business analysis (digitalization projects)
  • Project Management / SCRUM
  • Account Management
  • Business Development
Who can apply?2022-12-21T14:41:18+01:00

You can apply for the SPECTRUM trainee program if you …
… have (almost) completed your studies.
… have the desire to learn new things.
… are enthusiastic about IT.

What we do not require is …
… professional experience.
… a specific course of study.

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