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What does SPECTRUM AG do?

With our trainee program, we close the skills gap in the labor market and create a win-win situation for companies and young professionals.
We close the gap between what is taught at universities and what is required in professional practice. At the same time, we make career starters and experienced experts fit for the challenges of today’s working world.
In short: We turn talents into experts and find the right company for them!

Neon Streifen mit Closeup menschlicher Augen auf buntem Hintergrund in einer Linie Augen des Berufseinstieg Chamäleons
Fraenk das Berufseinstieg Chamäleon steht aufrecht und hält Zeigestock hoch

What is a trainee program?

A trainee program is a practical training program in which career starters are taught the most important skills for starting their careers in 6 to 24 months.
Trainees benefit from thorough induction and personal support.
Since a trainee program is not a protected term, there are various versions on the job market.
Information about the SPECTRUM Trainee Program.


Frequently asked questions about our trainee program

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