“We turn Raw Talent into Experts”

AZAV certified Educational Institution

Christian Niederhagemann GEA
With the help of the SPECTRUM trainee program and Expert Recruiting+, we very quickly succeeded in putting together a great team for the PMO area. We were more than satisfied with the teamwork and the performance of these young talents as well as an experienced senior from the very beginning. Based on this very good experience, we are therefore in the process of strengthening different teams with additional young talents and experts.
CIO Christian Niederhagemann, GEA Group
Thomas Behrend

Via SPECTRUM we were placed within a short time with three software developers who found a quick start. Due to the well-planned training program, all three developers have been well received after half a year and are already complementing our software development productively. SPECTRUM’s support was very pleasant and professional from the first contact to the trial period interview.

Managing Director Thomas Behrend, comundus regisafe GmbH
Oliver Häcker
Thanks to SPECTRUM and its innovative approach, we have not only succeeded in attracting motivated and talented candidates, but have also been able to train them precisely and individually for our needs as Java developers. […] During the Corona crisis in 2020, SPECTRUM pulled together with us so that we could focus on our core business and now expand our team with the next up-and-coming talents from SPECTRUM. We are glad to have won SPECTRUM as a true partner at eye-level!
Managing Director Oliver Häcker, wowiconsult GmbH
Heidi Börner
Thanks to SPECTRUM AG, we were able to fill three positions in our company in the IT sector via Expert Recruiting+. Despite very short-term inquiries and high expectations, SPECTRUM found exactly the right qualified employees for us and helped us with personnel bottlenecks – and this in the middle of the IT specialist shortage. The cooperation was fun. Here we are happy to pay every invoice and we are happy to order again!
Authorized signatory Heidi Börner, GEBHARDT SOURCING SOLUTIONS AG

Colleges and Universities

SPECTRUM as a supportive partner

Graduating students face challenges that require support not only from the educational institutions, but also from tech companies. Therefore, SPECTRUM sees it as our responsibility to provide entry-level talent with a bridge between theoretical and practical experience and to prepare them for their career in technology. This is, among other things, achieved through our ongoing exchange programs and numerous partnerships with colleges and universities as well as teachers throughout Germany. For example, our commitment ranges from awarding numerous scholarships, through the sponsorship of student projects, to practical lectures or podium discussions by experienced speakers from SPECTRUM.

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