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Everything but usual

We provide the right people at the right time for the right job. Unique talents are our business.

Our Mission

We help others to become successful.

Our mission is to develop talents into globally successful professionals. Our task is to get graduates, employees and companies on the road to success. With our unique Talent Solutions, our mission becomes reality.

Thomas Gebhardt

Our Vision is to be first choice in the world when excellently trained talents are required.
Thomas Gebhardt, CEO

Our SPECTRUM family

Together with our five sub companies on two continents we are able to reach the right people.

SPECTRUM Financial IT-Services GmbH & Co. KG –
for insurance companies, building associations, banks and financial service providers in Germany.

for companies from the manufacturing, logistics, IT and software sectors in Germany.

SPECTRUM Talent Delivery GmbH –
for medium-sized companies in Germany

SPECTRUM Talent Delivery Inc. –
for companies in the US.

SPECTRUM-AG Talent Delivery Canada Inc. –
for companies in Canada.

Our story

The precursor of something great

Through our innovative market-proven Talent Solutions, we have successfully placed hundreds of talents in competitive career fields. The majority of our trainees have continued to support their respective companies to this day. Regardless of whether our trainees were fresh out of universities, working professionals or our own project support employees, with our ground-breaking service we have proudly contributed significantly to the success of many companies. Through our 30 years of experience, our Talent Solutions became what makes us successful today.

  • From the very beginning
    Through our Career Solutions we bring together graduates and companies in a special way. For our customers and us we recruit and train young professionals to close the gap between what is required in the professional world and what is learned in universities. On the one hand, this enables us to help graduates to climb the ladder of success much faster and more efficiently than they would by traditional means. On the other hand, we provide companies with qualified junior staff and train highly talented SPECTRUM consultants.
  • Keeping a finger on the pulse
    In a world which is developing at a faster and faster rate, further training of professional and managerial staff is imperative. Among young talents we do not forget the experienced employees of a company. With our Upskilling Services, we increase the digital literacy of employees and help companies to respond to current developments.
  • Outside support
    Several of our trained talents are subsequently acquired by SPECTRUM as consultants. Within our Professional Services they advise companies in important concerns or even support them in long term projects.

Johannes Rohé
CEO SPECTRUM Financial IT-Services Germany

Jürgen Penth

Gregory Palmer

Gregory Palmer
CEO SPECTRUM Talent Delivery U.S.

Nicolas Sleeth

Nicolas Sleeth
CEO SPECTRUM-AG Talent Delivery Canada