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Are you longing for a professional change? Does your current employer value you, offer you an opportunity to contribute meaningfully, care about your professional growth, and give you a work-life balance? We take our time to get to know your skills, your interests and your development goals. Subsequently, we assist you with the realization of fulfilling your dream by finding you a new job – including training you as necessary. Due to developments in the professional job market, there is a shortage of skilled professionals. Our customers throughout Germany are looking for skilled employees who thrive on a challenge and strive to grow professionally. We provide a WIN/WIN opportunity. We offer you access to senior and executive level positions, which provide both a new challenge and professional development for you.

Junge Softwareentwicklerin an ihrem ersten Arbeitstag bei der SPECTRUM.


Benefit from our qualification expertise.

When choosing your new job and employer we value your, input, experience, and career goals. We compare your current experience with the required skills of a vacant position.  Through a targeted development plan, we provide any training necessary to close professional competency gaps. At the end, you have all the knowledge and skills you need to be highly valuable at your new workplace.

We know you are already very busy, so we made it very simple to get started with SPECTRUM. Your CV and a phone call are enough to start the application process. We do not require long and complex application processes in the form of paperwork, cover letters, references or the like.

Your Advantages:

Individual development plans

Exciting career prospects

Transparent open communication

We manage the application process

Single point person to work with

Application coaching (upon request)

Consideration of your wishes

Simplified application process

Free of charge for applicants

Gleitschirmpilot auf dem Weg zu seinem Expertenjob bei SPECTRUM.

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What you should bring

Beyond just assessing hard skills when qualifying suitable candidates, culture fit and soft skills must be assessed as well. The specific requirements of our job vacancies may vary widely and therefore must be addressed on an individual basis. SPECTRUM does not take reliability or accountability for granted.   We value an individual’s ability to provide and receive constructive criticism and resolve conflicts in a professional manner. We strive to ensure an individual’s soft skills are as strong as their technical abilities. Everyone in our program is assessed to ensure they will present a professional demeanor and will function collaboratively in whatever team they are a part. People who are flexible, eager to learn, and open-minded will find their dream job with us.

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