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Turn from a graduate to an expert

Avoid being thrown into the deep end and get support when starting your career.

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Because it is more difficult to start your career directly out of school without a helping hand.

Imagine that you’re finally finished with your studies and you get the absolute dream job that you have been studying for years to get. You can “theoretically” accomplish all tasks required for this job. It couldn’t be better. But what about the practical hands on experience you need to truly stand out and thrive? You must admit, you may get overwhelmed in some areas without practical hands on experience. In addition, you are shocked to discover that most companies don’t consider graduates as having professional work experience upon graduation. Their staff is so busy they simply do not have the time to answer your questions or help you grow! We recognized these problems. With our exceptional Trainee program, we made it our mission to guide recent graduates without any professional experience through their careers in the insurance, banking, automotive and industrial sectors.

Your Benefits

500€ Start bonus

Permanent employment

Individual training

Exciting practical on the job training

Personal mentor

Assistance with a necessary move

Exciting career prospects

Prized employer

Energetic international teams

Flat hierarchies

Employee discount platform

Various team events

And much, much more

The search for the right job

Paul knows the struggle.

SPECTRUM: Your Supporter and Companion.

This is how it works.

Together we will choose the right career path for you. Then, with our support and training over the next 18 to 24 months, your professional career will begin. What you can expect:

  • As a trainee, you will be a permanent employee of SPECTRUM
  • Continuous and targeted competency building through free, individually tailored, hard (technical) and soft skills training focused on preparing you for future tasks
  • On-the-job training with one of our well-known customers will give you the real world hands-on experience needed to ensure an optimal start to your professional life
  • Continuous support and regular feedback from your personal mentor
  • A permanent position at the end of the trainee program

All of this makes the SPECTRUM trainee program a one of a kind tailor-made solution for you as you start your career. For 18-24 months, you will enjoy exclusive free training and further education. We prepare you, make you an expert in your field, and completely open new opportunities for your future career. In plain English: With us you achieve your professional goals cheaper, quicker, and more efficiently. Everything at SPECTRUM runs through the filter of our motto #sonotmainstream.

Your Advantages

Get ready, because our arguments are unbeatable.

  • You receive a permanent employment contract: no subsequent job searches necessary.
  • You get a job that suits YOU, that is fun, interesting and offers not only a top work-life balance, but also development opportunities.
  • You will be accompanied and supported by SPECTRUM for 18-24 months.
  • You will shine with a unique and smooth career start and a wealth of experience gained through free training.
  • After the trainee program, you can call yourself an experienced expert.
  • A competitive income.
  • During the trainee program, you already benefit by increasing your competence and also receive regular salary increases.
  • You will be offered a permanent position after the trainee program.

This is what you need to start the application process

Get your own SPECTRUM trainee program

If you have successfully or almost completed your studies and driven to learn and work hard, then you’re the right candidate. Whether you are a Bachelor, Master or Diploma student, we give everyone a fair chance. There is no professional knowledge required. All you should bring is your personal drive and enthusiasm for technology. Our jobs are in different locations, so with a little luck you can even live and work in your favorite city. But do not worry, you decide where your journey leads you.

Do you want us to support you in starting your career? Here are the steps to your success.

How to apply

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