Do it different and stand out

From start to finish, the SPECTRUM career program puts you on the fast track to achieving your professional goals.

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Why do it different?

Because the road to starting your career in the traditional method is rockier.

Just imagine you finally finish your studies and get your ultimate dream job. You worked hard for years to get your degree and in theory you are more than capable of carrying out all the tasks that the new job entails. Things couldn’t be better! But what about practical skills? You have to admit you are possibly not prepared to take on some tasks. Furthermore, you are shocked to find out that most companies consider graduates fresh out of university to be too inexperienced to actually do a real job. Because this problem affects so many, we have developed our noteworthy career program to solve it. This allows us to have the right job for you and to specifically train you to meet the required challenges. Through our career program, you will easily start a career that suits you, is fun, interesting and, apart from an amazing work-life balance, offers you opportunities to develop and earn a good income.

The laborious search for a job

Paul is familiar with it.

A career with Us. Your prospects with SPECTRUM.

This is how it works.

As soon as we have selected the right profession for you, your personal career program will pan out as follows:

  • Permanent employment with SPECTRUM.
  • Accompanying instruction as a trainee by way of individual seminars and courses customized to suit you and your initial job.
  • Additional on-the-job training to equip you optimally for everyday working life.
  • Intensive familiarization and continuous support as well as regular feedback from your personal mentor.
  • Guaranteed job at the end of your career program.

All this makes the SPECTRUM career program unique in the respect that it offers customized solutions for the challenges you have to cope with as a young professional. You will benefit from an exclusive education and training for 18 months. We will help make you an expert in your field and open up new possibilities for your career start. Simply put, with SPECTRUM you are successful a lot faster than by mainstream means.

For that reason, we proudly stand by our motto #sonotmainstream.

Your benefits

Get ready, because our advantages are unbeatable.

  • Permanent employment contract: No need to search for a job afterwards
  • Unique, trouble-free career start and a wealth of experience: Provides you with a great first impression
  • At the end of the career program, you are considered to be an experienced expert: Your dream job is secured for the long-term
  • Regular pay raises due to your increasing expertise: Hello reward
  • Future employment at the end of the career program: An absolutely sure thing

This is how your application works

The path to your career program

Once you have completed your bachelor’s or master’s degree, or soon will be, then we are looking for you. Regardless of whether you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, we give everyone a fair chance. We offer our jobs at various locations which means that with a bit of luck you could even live and work in your favorite city. But don’t worry: It will be your decision where your travels take you.

Are you interested in our career program? Here are the 3 steps to success:

  • Your application: Include a cover letter, CV, transcripts and your salary expectations. In your cover letter, state whether you are applying to a specific job offer or if you are speculatively applying.
  • Invitation for your interview: You get to know us and we get to know you. Together we will find your perfect job.
  • The decision: Once the decision to move forward has been made, you start your personal career program with SPECTRUM.
Apply now!

Let’s start your career together. Apply for our career program and secure your extraordinary future in the professional world today. Do it different and stand out.