Your steps to get your next great job

This is how to get one of our jobs for experienced professionals and benefit from individual qualification.

Contact us.

Contact one of our Resource Managers. Contact details can be found further down this page.

Ask for vacancies.

We will inform you by phone about our current vacancies. Together we will evaluate which position is suitable for you.

3  Decide.

If there is an interesting job for you, we will initiate an uncomplicated application process. If not, we will be happy to include you in our pool of experts so that you can be considered for future vacancies.

4 Convince.

Once you have given your consent, we will forward your profile to one of our customers. If they would like to get to know you, we will accompany you to the interview. If you wish, we can provide you with interview coaching in advance.

5 Start your new job.

If both you and your future employer are convinced and all employment details have been clarified, you will start your new career. We will take care of any missing skills in advance. Before starting the job, you will receive any targeted qualification training from us.

Any questions? We will be happy to answer them.

Regina Assmann
Regina AssmannResource Manager
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We look forward to getting to know you and wish you much success in any path you take.