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We find suitable young professionals so that both today and tomorrow you will have skilled and qualified individuals to meet all of your company’s needs.

SPECTRUM makes it easier

Need young professionals with experience? No problem for SPECTRUM.

The reasons for the need of young talent are varied. Whether it is necessary to sustainably fill internal vacancies, the desire to be independent of external employees, demographic changes or growth, the problem always remains the same: New blood is required as quickly as possible. SPECTRUM is the interface between you and motivated professionals. We will find your company new employees and show students that there are many attractive employers waiting for new talent to carry their businesses to new heights. In addition, we deal with the increasing discrepancy between what is required by companies and what is taught by universities. We close this gap by equipping motivated graduates with the training and expertise they need to become competitive professionals.

This is how it works

We bring together what belongs together.

For years now we have been developing dedicated graduates and turning them into successful young professionals. With Career Solutions, our trainees gain far-reaching career opportunities with our customers. We are currently supporting customers in the insurance, financial, automotive and manufacturing sectors in many locations.

  • Together with you, we determine your individual requirements.
  • During the recruitment process, we will find potential candidates for your company and together with you we will select suitable trainees to fulfil your requirements.
  • Your trainees will receive a permanent employment contract and accompanying classroom training from SPECTRUM. In addition, when working for your company, they will benefit from on-the-job training.
  • At the end of the program, you will either take on the young professionals or they will continue under our employ.

Your benefits from SPECTRUM

With our experience and competence you will reach your goals.

We will not spend hours telling you how amazing we are at what we do. We prefer to listen to you and understand your needs, because satisfied customers are our ultimate goal. That is the best way to ensure that you remain equipped to overcome the challenges you face. Apart from that, you will benefit from:

  • Individual training concepts with attractive pricing models
  • A business relationship where SPECTRUM bears the risks
  • One year to decide if you wish to keep the trainee or not
  • Personal support from SPECTRUM
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Together we find qualified graduates for your company, train them and thereby ensure your development and success for the future. Decide today. Succeed tomorrow.