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The alpha and the omega of your consulting needs: We distinguish between required and feasible and between achievable and valuable.

Professional advice

Is your company able to leverage the best new technology available …

… or does it need to limit potential technology choices based on the skills of employees currently in your company? Your needs and the best possible solutions are very important to SPECTRUM. Our professional services teams start with these questions:  Is your technology outdated? Are the processes in your company supported by modern platforms? Do you have the inhouse expertise to implement cutting edge solutions? To answer these and other questions, working with your team we assist you in evaluating if it is more useful to replace existing applications or technologies with best in class or to upgrade your existing technologies or applications. After your needs are analyzed, you have the choice whether the status quo is enough for you or if you want to leverage the best in breed? One of the most important considerations is “We partner with you to understand your needs”. That is very important because a true collaborative partnership can only be achieved when there is mutual agreement and acceptance among knowledgeable professionals working toward a common goal. Therefore, we clearly define and communicate key factors and make recommendations with your best interest and success in mind.

SPECTRUM Consultant im Einsatz für ihr Unternehmen.

IT Consulting

From needs assessment and recommendation, through implementation and change-management to rollout and user acceptance testing.

We find the right software and technology for your needs:  With a wide range of software and technologies on the market choosing the best option for your needs can be a challenge.  A buy or build assessment must also be considered. Whether you would like to have an inexpensive standard solution, or a highly customized solution developed just for you, everything is possible.

  • Architecture
    We help you find the right solution and development platforms because failures in architecture are the most expensive ones.
  • Programming
    The requirements of the architecture and the technical concepts are implemented by our engineers in a structured, standardized manner and with well documented code according to your specification.
  • Test and quality control
    Test and quality control of the architecture and its implementations should be made by an independent quality assurance expert like us.
  • Training and rollout
    An application can only work well if technical and professional personnel are trained in its use and operation. We organize and implement suitable user acceptance training courses, which we include with your software rollout.
  • Outsourcing
    For applications that you cannot or do not want to maintain yourself, we have experts to maintain or further enhance them – whether partial or complete.
SPECTRUM Beraterin bei der Ergebnispräsentation in Ihrem Unternehmen

Project service

Are we managing your project? You decide, we execute.

  • Project management und leadership
    Project management is complimented by our ability to inspire the people involved in a project – because nothing is more decisive for the project’s success than having a dedicated, focused and motivated project team.
  • Assumption of individual project tasks
    We staff individual roles in your project. We form a team with individually profiled diverse specialists with the skills required or all aspects of the project.
  • Taking over the project
    We can provide the right resources to lead and manage your project. Don’t let lack of internal expertise be the reason you don’t move forward with a large project. SPECTRUM can provide missing resources from within our company network or through our external network.
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