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IT consulting for your digitalization

The alpha and the omega of your consulting: We distinguish between required and feasable and futhermore between achievable and useful.

Professional advice

Does your company adapt itself to new technology…

… or does it choose the technology for your business processes? Your needs and suitable solutions are very important for us. Mostly our professional services start with those questions:  Is your application outdated? Are the processes in your company supported by modern platforms? To answer these and other questions, we are making an evaluation to determine if it is more useful to replace existing applications with modern ones or to refurbish the old applications. After your needs are analyzed, you have the choice wheater the standard is enough for you or if you want to be better than the average? One of the most important conditions:  We understand your needs. That is very important because the implementation of our concept can only be accepted by professionals who understand it. Therefore, we coordinate the procedure and its components according to your needs.

IT Consulting

From classical Consulting over realization to change-management and rollout.

We find the right software for your needs:  Due to the selection on the market, configuration or self-development. Whether you would like to have an inexpensive standard solution or an individually tailored solution, everything is possible.

  • Architecture
    We help you find the right solution and development platforms because failures in architecture are the most expensive ones.
  • Programming
    The requirements of the architecture and the technical concept are implemented by our programmers in a structured, standardized and documented code according to your wishes.
  • Test and quality control
    Test and quality control of the architecture and its implementations should be made by an independent quality assurance expert like us.
  • Training and rollout
    An application can only work well if technical and professional personnel are trained for its use and operation. We organize and implement suitable training courses, which we attach to your software rollout.
  • Outsourcing
    For applications that you cannot or do not want to maintain yourself, we have experts to maintain or further develop them – whether partial or complete.

Project service

We are managing your project. You decide, we execute.

  • Project management und -leadership
    Project management is complemented by our ability to inspire the people involved in a project – because nothing is more decisive for the project’s success.
  • Assumption of individual project tasks
    We occupy individual roles in your project. We form a team that is equipped for all tasks of the project from individually profiled specialists.
  • Taking over the project
    We have the resources to take responsibility for your project as a service provider or a trade. We are recruiting missing resources in our company network and our external network.
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We accompany you from the beginning, advise you on all important decisions and implement your desired measures with the greatest pleasure.

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