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Get ready for something new

The digital world requires new skills. Find out, what it takes to change and extend your capabilities in the digital age.

What changes

Digitalization delivers new professional profiles and requirements.

Digitalization delivers new professional profiles and requirements. Increasing digitalization changes existing professional profiles and creates completely new job profiles- not only in the IT sector but also in other areas. The Internet of Things changes the way we live and work. This results in new skill requirements for workers in a company. Targeted and forward-looking up-skilling of the existing staff is becoming a challenge. Demands of the coming generation (digital natives) on their employer and workplace are different in many ways than the demands of the current employee-generation. This calls for a change in leadership methods. We advise and support you within the scope of your digital transformation of the creation of job profiles and the definition of skill requirements for your existing professionals and executives.

What you need

We determine the training needs with proven methods.

Existing staff has extensive experience, company-specific knowledge and therefore valuable potential for the digital transformation, but this knowledge is often not sufficiently known and documented. We determine and analyze the existing skills and potential of your staff; we make a gap-analysis and make recommendations which knowledge could be used for your digital transformation and should be further developed. Furthermore, we offer special leader-assessments that give you valuable recommendations for the preparation of your management team for the challenges of the digital change.

What you receive

Reinforce your digital competences through an individual targeted advancement.

Together we develop upskilling plans for the further development of your staff regarding the new requirements of the digital age based on your wishes and the results of your skill evaluations and potential analysis. The aim is to increase the competitiveness and productivity in your company. We offer organizational and the implementation planning for the skills development of your professionals and executives with our extensive experience and our professional trainers (selectively in our SPECTRUM academy or at your location).

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