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The key features of our Professional Services: We distinguish between what is required and what is feasible and then between what is feasible and what makes sense.

Specialist Consultancy

Does your company adapt to technology …

… or do you adapt technology to your business processes? For us, your needs and the suitable solutions for your needs are what counts. Our Professional Services typically start with the following questions: Is your own application starting to show its age? Are processes at your company still being supported in a contemporary manner? In order to answer these and other questions, we prepare expert appraisals to tell you whether it makes sense to renew the old application or if you should refurbish it. Here, you have a choice: Where is the standard good enough for you and where do you want to raise the bar? The most important requirements for us: We speak your language. This is important, as realization of specialized concepts will only find acceptance from the respective specialized areas if the concepts are understood. This is why we always coordinate the entire approach as well as all constituent parts of the concept with you.

IT Consulting

From classic consulting to realization right up to change management and rollout.

Through selection on the market, through configuration or by using in-house development, we find the right software to meet your requirements. Whether an inexpensive standard solution or special custom development, anything is possible.

  • Architecture
    We help you find the right solution platform from the technical architecture and existing environment – because mistakes in the architecture are the most expensive.
  • Programming
    Our programmers implement the specifications for the architecture and the technical concept in a structured and standardized code, documented according to your requirements.
  • Tests and quality assurance
    Apart from test assurance, above all, it is imperative that the final inspection of the architecture and its implementation be carried out by an independent quality assurer like us.
  • Training and rollout
    An application can only work well if technical and specialized personnel are trained to use and operate it. We organize and carry out suitable training sessions which we ideally combine with the rollout.
  • Outsourcing
    For applications which you no longer wish to or can maintain, we have experts on hand who will maintain your old application and its technologies or will develop it further – this may be selective or complete.

Project Service

We manage your project. Either entirely or partially. You decide, we take action.

  • Project management and leadership
    We supplement project management with our ability to excite participants – because nothing is more pivotal than excitement for project success.
  • Taking on individual project tasks
    We take individual roles in your project and form a team of individually profiled specialists which are equipped to handle all tasks concerning those roles.
  • Taking over the entire project
    With the use of our resources, we take on the responsibility of your project as a service provider. We recruit any missing resources from within our company group and our external network.
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