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The digital world requires new know-how. We find out what you need in times of digital change and equip you with suitable capabilities.

What changes

Digital change is introducing new occupational profiles and requirements.

Increasing digitalization in companies is changing existing occupational profiles and is creating completely new job roles – not only in the IT sector but also in specialized areas. The Internet of Things is also changing the way we live and work. This results in new skill requirements of employees at a given company. Above all, selective professional training of existing personnel is becoming a challenge. In addition, the demands of the next generations of professionals differ in many respects from those of the current generation of employees. This requires a change in management behaviors. We advise and support you within the framework of your digital transformation when generating job profiles and defining skill requirements for specialized and managerial staff.

What you need

We determine training requirements with tried methods for evaluating skills.

Available personnel often have many years of experience and company-specific knowledge, therefore valuable potential for digital transformation. However, this experience and knowledge is often insufficiently known, outside of the individual, or well documented. We determine and analyze the existing skills and potential of your personnel and carry out a comparison with the required target profiles (gap analysis). We also give recommendations as to which potential should be used for your digital transformation. With consideration of increasing importance of digital technologies, we assess needs of further expansion. Apart from that, we offer special managerial staff assessments which will give you valuable pointers and recommendations for action to prepare your management team for the challenges of digital change.

Our approach

We help you advance with individual and selective professional development.

On the basis of actual requirements, the results of the skill evaluation and potential analysis, we will work together with a given company on customized plans and measures for further development of personnel in view of new requirements of digital change. The aim is to increase competitiveness and productivity within the evaluated company. With our many years of experience and our professional trainers for the areas of education, training and personnel development; we offer complete planning, organization and implementation of qualification measures for your personnel (as an option at our SPECTRUM Academy, at renowned training institutions or as part of in-house events on your premises).

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