Privacy Statement

Data protection information

Here in you will find a summary of our data protection regulations as well as a description of our methods for data collection and how we handle data.

We do not lease, sell or otherwise reveal data, which has been collected through visiting our websites, to third parties, except as, described in these data protection regulations. Personal data is subject to data secrecy. Such data has to be held as confidential and shall be protected against unauthorized access, illegal processing and/or unintentional loss, change or destruction by the deployment of appropriate organizational and technical measures. Our employees and advisors have been committed to comply with the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG) and must adhere to confidentiality in accordance with the previously stated points. If you disagree with the aforementioned, we will block your data upon your request.

Under certain circumstances, user data may be passed on to legal or supervisory authorities or may be made available to them by order. Furthermore, data might be passed on to our professional advisors under duty of professional secrecy or within the scope of mandatory national provisions of law, by decision of a court or administrative authority.

We appreciate your confidence in our company in relation to the handling of voluntarily provided data. Therefore, we perceive it as our duty to handle and store your data carefully in the most safe and professional way possible.  We strive to use collected information only where applicable to achieve our legitimate business interests. Under certain circumstances, we may use your personal data to the extent necessary to promote our marketing, for use in customer management and for training purposes. Furthermore, we may use data to ensure the protection of our data. Data obtained when you visit our websites will be processed in accordance with the laws on data protection set forth by the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, SPECTRUM complies with the guidelines and regulations set forth by the European Union with regards to the acquisition and storage of personal data.

We ensure an appropriate level of data protection as requested by the European Union's Data Protection Directive and in accordance with national laws in terms of cross-border data transmission.

All information on data protection applies to all companies of the SPECTRUM Group.

Our websites may contain links to websites of other providers. External websites linked herein are not covered by the above mentioned data protection declarations.

Third-party use of contact information or similar information published by SPECTRUM, such as emails, addresses, telephone or fax numbers, is prohibited if express permission is not granted. We reserve the right to take legal action against anyone sending spam emails.   

Data exchange with other companies

We do not intend to send your data to third parties; however, SPECTRUM reserves the right to exchange data with subsidiaries, associated companies, contractors and temporary employees.

We will only exchange data to realize our legitimate business interests and only to the extent where data is protected according to the principles of the European Union for the protection of personal data and in accordance with the applicable laws and provisions of the respective country. Furthermore, SPECTRUM reserves the right to pass on customer data to other legal entities within the context of business transactions, such as spin-offs, takeovers, mergers, restructuring and/or liquidations. With your permission, your personal data can be exchanged with special business partners.

Notification of changes

We will inform you by email requesting your permission, if we plan to use your personal data in different ways than stated at the point of collection or if we are legally obliged.

In addition, we hereby inform you that any substantial changes of our data protection provisions, which do not affect personal data already stored in our database, will be published as a notification on our website.

In the event that a notification of change is sent by mail, users who have declared that they would like to be informed about such developments will also receive a corresponding email notification. The email notification will provide you with information about changes made regarding our data protection provisions.

Collecting and processing personal data

With the exception of the IP address, personal data is only saved if you have voluntarily provided us with this information, e.g. through registration, a survey, or to implement a contract.

Deleting personal data

Personal data will immediately be deleted once legal or business process-related retention periods have expired, unless there is a legitimate interest that justifies continued storage.


SPECTRUM deploys technical and organizational security measures to protect your data against all attacks, losses, manipulations, destructions and against being accessed by unauthorized persons.

Right to information

Upon request, SPECTRUM will inform you in writing, as soon as possible and in accordance with applicable law, if we have saved any of your personal data. If you are registered as a user, we also offer the option of viewing the data yourself and if applicable, to delete or amend it. If any incorrect information is saved, despite our best efforts to ensure that data is up-to-date and accurate, we will correct the data upon your request.

Contact for data protection

If you have any queries regarding collecting, use, processing, correction, blocking and deletion of your personal data, as well as in the case of revoking previously given consent, please contact:

SPECTRUM AG – Datenschutz
Kupferstraße 36
D- 70565 Stuttgart